Our expertises

 Expertise in clinical research on nutrition and physical activities (CIC–CRNHs)


Clinical investigation centers are real platforms dedicated to clinical tests in nutrition and precise phenotyping of patients and healthy volunteers. The activity of these centers relies on specialized research teams including medical and paramedical staff trained in nutrition and clinical research.

 High-tech equipment to explore metabolism

These infrastructures are entirely equipped with high-tech equipment (DXA, indirect calorimetric method, IRM…) which guarantees a complete and precise phenotyping of volunteers and the setting up of clinical practices specific to the exploration of metabolism. Investigation centers also develop new tools, especially thanks to validated questionnaires, to take into account environmental and societal aspects of patients' phenotyping.




 Expertise in fundamental research on adipose tissue and energetic metabolism (INSERM units)


Research units are centers specialized in fundamental research on the different metabolic aspects which are involved in obesity and its pathologies, as well as on energetic metabolism. These research units allow the network to open to fundamental approaches (animal or cellular models) essential to a translational research.

 New innovating and competitive techniques

Analytic efficient platforms to investigate samples collected thanks to clinical explorations are also available. Among these platforms, we can list genomic, lipidomics and proteomic ones as well as one specialized in stable isotopic tracers by mass spectrometry. These units' qualified teams are in charge of analyzing and managing these data and developing new techniques which would allow the network to remain innovative and competitive in these approaches.



 Clinical organization for the patients' treatments (Obesity Integrated Centers - OIC)



The FORCE network integrates 3 on the 5 OIC set up by the Ministry of Health when launching the National Obesity Plan. These centers gather multi-disciplinary skills for an optimal treatment of obese patients. They unite medical but also psychological and sociological aspects. In addition to the care aspect, they also integrate a translational multi-disciplinary research «from the patient's bed to laboratories and vice versa ».

 Feedbacks from practice to guide research

In addition to the 3 CIO, FORCE relies on 37 specialized centers on obesity around France. This will allow the network an easy access to the whole of obese patients. The interactions between FORCE and these centers will guide the network clinical research to a research which corresponds to the current needs on diagnostics and therapeutically strategies for obese patients.