FORCE is the Clinical research national network specialized in the study of obesities and associated pathologies.
The founding members of FORCE have been collaborating for 15 years (producing more than 60 joint scientific papers) and have participated together in several multicenter European projects (NUGENOB, DioGenes). This led to their current national and international renown.



 A dense and coherent network


Three cities structure the network: Paris, Lyon and Toulouse. They rely on a local triangular organization which combines complementary expertise. Thus, in each city, a clinical investigation site, a research unit (INSERM, Universities) and an Obesity Integrated Center (OIC) are connected.
This structure comes directly from the network which units searchers thanks to the national effort of the ARP PROBS (Prospective reflection workshop on obesities launched by The French National Research Agency) and coordinated from Toulouse. The launch of the Institute of Cardio-metabolism and Nutrition (IHU ICAN) in Paris and the Centre for European Nutrition and Health (CENS) in Lyon shows the closeness of care structures for obese patients and research centers. This proves the real coherence of the network created by the Investments for the future which reinforces French competitiveness in research as it integrates the IHU ICAN, the promising IHU OPERA and the Institute Carnot Lisa (Lipids for health). This led to research and care working together and to support in collaborations with the economic sector.
FORCE also includes the 37 centers specialized in obesity treatments in whole France and recently labelled by the National Obesity Plan.



 A unique working environment in France


FORCE management board is composed of local structure managers (Pr K. Clément, Pr M. Laville and Pr D. Langin) and relies on a national coordinator. This one, as well as the 3 local managers, ensures project management, missions' coordination and communication among the different members of the network.
FORCE offers a unique national working environment, interfacing pre-clinical research units and clinical services. This is the first time in France such research network is set up and it will allow major progress in obesity and associated co-morbidities treatments.